cargo imported in Angola accompanied by a corresponding Loading Certificate

Angola government has by Decree N° 19/94 dated 28 January 1994 decided to implement new regulations to all cargo imported in Angola.

These regulations have been published in the Statute Book of Angola D.R.20/94 the 20th of May 1994.

C.N.C.A. ( Conselho Nacional de Carregadores de Angola) has been entitled, through its worldwide representatives and agents, to duly carry out the Decree.

 goods exporteds by cargo with any container, packaging, or pallet(s) by way of the shipping Consultant's Services


  • Every bill of lading has to be accompanied by a corresponding Loading Certificate

  • Each Loading Certificate has to be issued by the local CNCA agent and duly signed and stamped

  • Failure to the above results in a fine of USD 5.000 and the doubling of CNCA taxes. Moreover the cargo will not be cleared

  • Following charges are applied and collected at the moment cargo is loaded and B/L issued:

    - USD 100 X 20’ TEU
    - USD 200 X 40’ TEU
    - USD 5 per freight unit for conventional / bulk cargoes

For further information and Loading Certificate issuance please kindly contact your local CNCA representative :


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